Chapter 4 - Light and Shadow: Christian History, Resurrected. Lusitanians Praise Hinoe Castle

About Chapter 4

At the ruins of Hinoe Castle, excavation is currently in progress. With the discoveries of gilded roof tiles and Chinese porcelain, the appearance of Hinoe Castle's former glory gradually became clearer, just as it was described in many articles.

As a daimyo of merely forty thousand koku*, how was Harunobu Arima able to complete the repair of Hinoe Castle or the fortification of Hara Castle? Through the historical background, we are able to see Harunobu's talent for international trade and his close connection to Christianity. (*Koku is a unit used to measure rice. At that time, it is said one person would eat one koku in a year. The number of koku indicated how much power the daimyos had in those days.)