Chapter 10 - Light and Shadow: Christian History, Resurrected. Island Relocation of the Secret Christians

About Chapter 10

To the north of the Gotoh Islands and east of Ojika Island, there is an island known as Nozaki Island. Currently, this island is mostly non-inhabited but it was previously home to 3 communities made up of approximately 600 people.

Of the 3 communities, Nokubi and Funamori were made up of hidden Christians that moved there in the late Edo Period. Even though the land was inhospitable and riddled with steep slopes, the people of the communities worked hard to build a life there. In the Meiji Period, after the lift of the ban on Christianity, the inhabitants pooled their resources and constructed a church. This chapter will tell the story of the people who struggled to finally realize their dream of building a church and how the community was ultimately disbanded to once again leave the land uninhabited.