Chapter 6 - The Unknown Christian Kingdom in Japan,the Light and the Darkness -The fall of the Arima Clan and the crackdown on Christianity

About Chapter 6

After the victory over the Ryuzoji Clan and the Kyushu Campaign of Hideyoshi, Harunobu Arima gained stability and reached the height of glory. At the beginning of the Edo Period, however, his relationship with the Society of Jesus was compounded by an incident with a Portuguese ship. In addition, he was involved in a swindle by a shogunate official and as a result, Harunobu was taken to Kainokuni (Yamanashi Prefecture) where he was given the death penalty.

After that, Shimabara Peninsula was temporarily governed by Shigemasa Matsukura. He started building Shimabara Castle to replace Hinoe Castle, and this burdened the citizens with a huge amount of tax and labor. There was also an order from the bakufu (Japan’s feudal government or shogunate) to crack down on Christianity, which would lead to subsequent tragedy.